Instructions for a Product Claim

We apologise if our product has not met your expectations.

According to the Consumer Protection Act (Kuluttajasuojalaki), the primary location for returning a malfunctioning product is the seller’s place of business. However, your feedback is our priority in regard to product development and quality assurance. At Tammer Brands Oy, we always process written complaints. This creates fewer misunderstandings and better legal protection for you.

If you suspect that the product has some material or manufacturing defect, please fill out the necessary information in the form as accurately as possible so that we may process your claim properly and as quickly as possible.

N.B. We will contact you if we find, based on the information in the form, cause for you to send us the product for inspection. We will not accept retuned products unless the return has been approved beforehand.

Tammer Brands Oy must ascertain that the product is defective before it can be replaced. Defective products will be replaced with new ones. Should the product no longer be available, Tammer Brands Oy reserves the right to replace it with a comparable item.

Read more about our protection of personal data from “Data protection”.

Thank you for contacting us. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

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Please fill out the form as accurately and with as much information as possible. The required fields are necessary for the speedy processing of the review.

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